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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


sry to reply you that late...cuz i never thought of revisiting my blog...nor others visiting it.
i couldnt reply u in the comment box dunno y....
so i think i will reply you here. (=

well done for your good result ! u did very well !
hopefully you r coping well in ur studies in monash..

i did reasonably okay for jan exam....but kind of struggling now in 2nd sem. my next major exam is coming up soon. *finger crossed*

anyway,im sry for what i've done to you. IM REALLY SORRY. hopefully time cures n fades away everything (=

all the best.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


hey peeps... *if there is any out there :X*

erm...blogging here... RANDOMLY... crapping... scribbling..


k cut that SUPER RANDOM part off... :X


as in STUDY + DYING (=

dunno wad to sayy..

take care :P !


Monday, November 22, 2010

just a dreeeeaaaammm

listening to 'just a dream' by nelly ... AGAIN :)
it is just so nice man...lovin' it sooo muccchh <3...

gonna start working on study now...next year will be our turn sitting today's papers scaarrryy :S

anyway good luck to all SPM takers (:
rock it guys...have in faith in u guys
1st time posting using hp syok (:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

muaahahahahahxxx !

it has been some times i never touched my blog..i just ran out of idea of wad to write...
thought of changing my blog style to a little retro...there i go...changed my font type (=

scul holidays r just around the corner *fyi,they reach by drifting :P* ...
is not really a holiday i guess...once the scul reopens...wad will happen to me/most of us r like below:

"go study !"
"why??? studdy aggaaainn?!!

" SPM coming !!! "

best n worst answer u can get ...


it just simple stand for Stupid People Markings !!!

no offence....too bad we're the S.P i guess...haha pure JOKE ! XP

i jz done reading "The Haunted" by Jessica Verday... not bad lar..but not really exhilarating..for me X( ....
but this story brought me a good ques...

if one day a demon came to me n said :"the guy u love is in trouble...save him immediately!"
of cuz i wouldn't hesitate to save him...
but the hard core is...


-scratching my head-
gaaahh...no point thinking X) so skip !

ohhhh i got myself a new haircut...no diff though except it is much shorter now...
n now i gotta train myself a new tying hair skill...or else u might see me going to scul with an Einstein hairstyle :)

out to my bed (=


Saturday, September 4, 2010

baby i'm so crushed...

damn...imma so in love with the song CRUSHED by Rosette :DD it is memang AWESOME k? (=

ohhhh...that's so rude to start a post without saying hi ... =.=''' so...

HIIIII PEEEEPPPSSS ! (= *i really dun get where i got this enthusiasm :D*

kayy..i do know this blog is kinda half dead...it was like dead for MONTHS ..then revive a little cuz of the TQ post ...then it goes DEAAAAAAADDD again D= *fyi,imma really busy n lazy k?*

oh well...i will do some refreshment for my blog as holidays just begin (= *wonder will ppl ever notice...*

2 weeks of holidays *WOOTS* but,fyi our final is coming as well k? our final last about a month !!! but i'm quite satisfied with the exam time table this time :D this time the arrangement ain't that rush...so we still got time to gasp (= *anyway,it is still an EXAM..so it wouldn't be that good anyhow X(*

Prefects' Annual Dinner 2010 is coming :D
yeah great ! our dinner gonna held at Pearl International Hotel, Old Klang Road on next Sunday... we dun really hav ample time to prepare it...but still ! it will be well done *i hope :P* our main organiser will be KTFB (our prefect's band which is so freaking well-known). wanna catch it with us? hahaha pay rm50++ then we can talk bout it MAYBE *only :P* haha !

no worry there will be tons of photos n videos *maybe* as we have so many TALENTED photographers in our board...i dun hav to name them ... u know who they are... =D haha !

besides that, wad is gonna happen during my hols..
-scratching my head hardly-

er...studying ..? MAAAYBBBEEEE (= haha ! ohh my cousins r coming 2 my hse on thurs..i dunno when they gonna stay till but most probably till Sun ... dad suggested BBQ :D ! of cuz it is a PERFECT suggestion but this suggestion comes with a condition... =.='' pretty lame i know X)
the condition is : Me n my bro is gonna pay for this bbq...

OF CUZ! we r gonna say YES ! we will pay for everything ... food,drinks,hse electricity bill *perhaps?*,some tools maybe..


hey we both r still KIDS k? pls...be considerate....pls :D *the word "KIDS" always appear when it comes to money matter hahaa~ sneaky us huh? :P*
-ogling to my dad- :P

kay...i gotta ciao now...as i really dunno wad else to write ... i still hav to catch up my chem hw. poor me SOBS !

will be back :D *jz dunno when XP*

Racking my brain...going insane...
again n again...i won't keep going this way


Monday, August 23, 2010


to: YOU ! (:
bet cha dun even know this blog is even exist ! *cuz imma lazy person rite? :P*
hmm...where should i start....... err....

jz really wanna thank you SOOO SOOO MUCCCHHH ! u dumb dumb ... XP really go buy pula X)

wanna see how cool my cellphone camera works ? :)

*this 1 really look like a dumb dumb :)*

*he has big BIG feet (=*

*sweet (=*

*thinking hard huh? :D*

final piece :

*awwwwww :') so freaaakkinnggg cute*

i really really STUNNED when i saw this (=

thxxx !!!!

xoxo! ♥


Saturday, July 17, 2010

wad a ...JOKE !

oh damn...
i can see that i rarely blogging now.. cuz i can even forgot my PASSWORD ! =.='''

gosh! this girl has some probs man X( ...
i go like..."wad's my password?!"

-thinking harder-

ohhh YEAAA ! got it....

my password is....

like i'm gonna tell XP *told u this girl has probs k? (=*

okay...i injured my knee.... *wondering r u guys gonna say AGAIN !*

if u did.... PLSSSS... this time is my left knee ...last time was right knee k?

:D oh well... dun ask how i fell k? i told my mum n aunt how i fell...they gave me this look

=.= ! why r u so stupid? so clumsy !

fyi, i din wan to okay.... ? jz too many things going on in my mind...
u know i always get distracted easily...rite? (: so dun blame me... D:

i really REALLY dun have much to write...so

DUN BLAME ME ....for the 2nd time D: *this girl memang got prob edi X(*

conclusion: u should see a doc / dog !

xoxo !

specially for u...Huey Chen <3

R3 G!N & M3